Qt & QML

PthinkS specializes in Qt, Qt Quick (QML), Qt Mobility software development and is a software training organization. Our focus is always been to provide highly professional and quality services.

“We do what we know best. Nothing beyond”.


Services offer:

  • Software Development on frameworks
  • Trainings on Cross platform framework

Our expertise area 

  • We have extensive experience with Qt Frame work, QML, Qt Mobility(Android, iOS & Windows)
  • We are Qt Certified Specialist, Qt Certified Developer and Qt Certified Trainer.
  • Top 2nd contributor in Qt projects forum (http://www.qt.io) Member code 148479.
  • We are software development organization working on Windows, Linux, Embedded Linux and real time operating system based on frame work.
  • We provide architectural and design consultancy on Frame work.
  • We do technical training on “Cross platform Qt/Qt-Quick (QMl), Qt Mobility Frame work”.
  • Conducted around 350 + batches of training and trained more than 5500+ participants on Qt/QML/Qt-Mobility.
  • We work on C++ foot print and memory optimization.
  • Provide Internships and projects for on Niche areas.

For more information : http://www.pthinks.com 


Qt/QML software development, Qt/QML Consultancy and Qt/QML training please contact us on info@pthinks.com, +91 876 233 1536